home structural inspector

Are you suspicious that there might be an issue with your home’s foundation? In that case you should think about having a professional foundation inspection. First, do your homework and walk around the perimeter and interior of your home looking for potential signs of damage.

As you walk around, ask yourself the following questions.


  • Are any walls bulging?
  • Are there any visible cracks larger than ¼ inch?
  • Is there any standing water around the foundation?


  • Do your floors slope?
  • Do any of your doors or windows stick and are hard to open/close?
  • Do any of your walls or ceilings have cracks?

You’ve done your homework and it’s time to schedule an appointment with your inspector. The thought of having your home foundation inspection can be daunting. It’s not. Remember, your foundation is the “thing” that supports your entire home. It’s that important and inspections are not a big deal. The inspection should take less than two hours, including the time the inspector spends with you getting background information. Give all of the information you have discovered to the inspector.

The Process

What does the inspection process involve? The first step is to meet with your inspector who will have questions that will help identify any existing damage, areas of concern, and to gather specific data such as floor elevation.

Next, your inspector will walk around and visually inspect all aspects (both outside and inside) of your home, looking for signs of damage. The inspector will also check out the grounds outside of the home, looking for sloping and other indicators of possible movement or sagging.

After this thorough inspection, the results will be analyzed and a report will be created with maintenance and prevention information as well as recommendations if repairs are needed.

Foundation inspections are important for the health of your home. Call us as soon as you seen any warning signs. As is the case with your own health, early detection is the key to a quick “recovery.”