Foundation Pier Repairs on Stilt Homes in Tampa, Florida

When living in a coastal community like Tampa, residents can see serious problems with the foundations of their homes. Many homes are built with pile foundations, which keeps the home out of the water. Pile foundations can need routine repairs and maintenance to keep them in the best shape possible. It can also be a bit scary and daunting when homeowners realize they might need stilt home foundation repair on their homes.

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Strong Foundation for Beach Homes

Homes on the beach need to be out of the water, which is why you’ll see many stilt homes near the beach. Rushing waters from flooding and heavy, storm winds can crash against a home that isn’t up on piles. When sea swells slam against a house, the great surface can have a huge impact on the home. With piles, the water rushes under the house harmlessly. Homes on the coast require an open foundation on piles to ensure that the home remains intact during surges.

Building requirements must be met when installing and repairing the beams on stilt homes. They must be sunk to a certain depth into the ground and anchored properly. If one of the piles becomes dislodged due to faulty installation or repair, the entire house can tilt, which makes it a hazard. Experienced contractors understand the building codes and the proper way to execute foundation pier repair correctly.

Pile Versus Pier Foundation

Many people are often confused about the difference between pile and pier foundations. They use the terms interchangeably, but they are different types of foundations.

Piles are driven into the ground in pile foundations on stilt homes. They use the underlying bedrock and soil to hold them steady and secure. With pier foundations, a concrete pad is installed as the footing for the beams.

The soil and type of original foundation can dictate how the foundation pier repairs on stilt homes will be completed. In Tampa, there are many pier foundations as well as pile foundations. It depends on the soil, and how much of that is water content.

Repairs to Beach Home Foundations

Rushing or sitting water can start to rot and destroy pile or pier foundation beams on stilt homes. They can become dislodged or be subject to termites. The beams are the base of the foundation, so foundation pier repairs on stilt homes need to be done as soon as possible after noticing a problem.

Leaving a foundation pier repair to the last minute could be dangerous and cause more money in repairs down the road. Along with being a hazard, piles or piers that are not repaired in a timely manner could cause your home to become structurally unsound. The foundation experts at Heavenly Foundations can assist you with your pier or stilt home foundation repair. Contact us online, or call today at (727) 228-6144.