Helical Piers in Foundation Repair

Using Helical Piers for Foundation Repair

There are many ways to stabilize a failing foundation for your home or commercial building. When you work with Heavenly Foundations, we’ll determine the best method for your foundation repair based on several factors. The primary factor is, of course, the type of foundation you have. The second factor is how the damage occurred. From there, we evaluate the extent of the damage and what is below your building that may be contributing to it. One of our recent foundation repairs was to an addition on a home. The damage occurred due to poor drainage around the home compounded by clogged gutters. For this home we knew the right repair method was to use helical piers.


What is a Helical Pier?

Most often used in commercial construction, a helical pier is a pier that is screwed into the earth. When used in construction, it is screwed deep enough to create a stable environment to build on. In the case of foundation repair, these galvanized steel earth screws are drilled into the ground beneath the failure point until the weight of structure above is transferred to the load bearing soil.

Reasons Helical Piers are Good for Foundation Repair in Tampa

Many buildings throughout Tampa Bay are built on slab foundations. The foundation sits on sand, which is not the most stable ground. When we encounter a home or business in need of repair that is a candidate for helical piers, there are many reasons we suggest this method. First, is that there is little disturbance to the home or landscaping during installation. Another reason is that our equipment can measure the load capabilities of the new piers and we can immediately transfer the load of the building onto the new piers. For over 150 years helical piers have been used to repair foundations or as structural support for new construction so they are time tested.

If you have signs of a failing foundation like cracks in your wall, doors or windows that are hard to open or close, or cracks in your floor tile, you should contact a foundation repair company like Heavenly Foundations. We have the knowledge and experience to repair homes and businesses with all types of foundations. Call us today at 727-228-6144 and we will evaluate your foundation and determine the best method of repair for your home.