Understanding Uneven or Sloping Floors

With the increase in ground settling and sinkholes throughout Tampa Bay, we’re receiving more calls asking about sloped flooring. Homeowners are asking why, and what can be done about their uneven floors.

uneven floors

Why Are My Floors Uneven?

Unfortunately there is no one answer to this question but there are several primary reasons for uneven floors:

  • Settling foundation – No matter what type of foundation you have, you may experience settling that causes your floors to become uneven. The approach to fixing this depends upon the type of foundation you have. Only structural contractor can truly assess the extent of the issue.
  • Improper construction – Proper building codes include many elements, one of which is a set distance between floor joists, however, if someone isn’t following these codes, you may end up with sloping floors due to a poor support structure.
  • Cracked floor joist – Sometimes even if construction was done soundly the floor joist unexplainably cracks or splits causing less support in an area which could cause a noticeable slope in the floor.
  • Mold or wood rot – If the space below your home becomes damp repeatedly, there is a chance that mold could develop. This may lead to rot in your floor joists, or if you have post and beam construction, either of those could rot causing the supporting structure to give under the weight above.
  • Termite damage – Even if a pest control company inspected the home and found no active termites, damage from years ago could now be to the point where it is affecting the flooring in your home.
  • Poor sub floor – Occasionally a piece of plywood isn’t providing the support it should be. This generally results in only a small portion of the flooring being uneven.

How Can I Fix My Uneven Floors?

Before a fix can be determined, you want to understand the cause of the uneven floor. Heavenly Foundations Inc. will have one of their structural contractors assess your flooring and determine the underlying issue. Once the reason for the uneven floors can be determined, a plan to fix it can be put into place. Rarely is this a DIY project. As the leading Tampa area foundation repair company, we have the experience, knowledge, and most of all, proper equipment to fix your home’s foundation and eliminate the sloped or uneven flooring issues.


We run into a lot of owner-installed “house jacks” during inspections. These “house jacks” are illegal under Florida building code. Unfortunately, they’re sold at local big Box home improvement centers. Recently, I grabbed one off the shelf to see what they advertise in the box and in the fine print. In the little lettering off to the side one box warns “Consult with a licensed engineer before using“.

floor jack warning

Here are some of the house jacks we discovered during home inspections that were actually being used. Granted, these owners could’ve consulted with an engineer prior to installing. From an engineering perspective and safety standpoint, the main issue with these “house jacks” is that they do not have footings under them. This means that the house loads will not be sustainable over time.

uneven floor jacks being used

uneven floor jacks

uneven floor jacks under house

If you are experiencing uneven or sloped floors, let Heavenly Foundations Inc. come to your home and determine the reason for the flooring issue. Call 727-228-6144 to schedule your appointment today.