Foundation Cracks

Do You Have Concerns About Your Home’s Foundation?

There are several signs that may indicate that you have an issue with your foundation. The one most people notice first relates to their doors or windows. If either one stops closing as it did before or if there are cracks from the corners, you may have foundation problems. Sometimes a homeowner first notices cracks on the outside of their home. These cracks generally are between the concrete blocks used in construction of most of today’s homes in the Tampa area. Not only are they unsightly but they indicate that you need a foundation inspection and either subfloor repair or foundation repair. Lastly, you may have had a home inspection either because you are refinancing your home or for insurance reasons. If your home inspection report recommended you contact a structural contractor, you may need home foundation repair work done before changing insurance or buying or selling the home.

What Causes Foundation Problems?

Depending upon how and when your home was built, foundation problems arise from different issues. If you have a historic home, your issues may require a subfloor repair as the wood that is supporting your home may have water damage or termite damage which is causing you to possibly require a beam repair or replacement. Sometimes the original contractor simply didn’t do something correctly which leads to foundation problems. However, most often, the sand that many Tampa Bay area homes are built on settles, expands or sinks due to moisture of lack of it. No matter how your foundation cracks or issues occur, it’s imperative that you contact a foundation crack repair specialist as soon as issues are discovered.

cracked foundation repair

Are My Foundation Issues Serious?

Sometimes the issues are minor and only require a subfloor repair and include things like tightening your floor joists or beam repairs but other times there are more substantial issues. In Florida, most of our newer homes are built on concrete slabs and those slabs are the foundation of your home. If they crack due to settling, your home may require that foundation repair contractors fix the issues.
A foundation repair contractor in Tampa, Clearwater, and the surrounding areas is a general contractor who is highly specialized in a side of construction that not all building contractors are familiar with performing. If your home needs foundation crack repair or has other foundation problems, the experts at Heavenly Foundations will work with you and your home inspector and insurance company to ensure that the foundation crack repair is done in the most efficient and thorough manner possible.

Heavenly Foundations was founded and is headquartered in Pinellas County, Florida. Because we are local to the tri-county area of Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Pasco, we understand the unique foundation problems that occur here. Our team of foundations inspection experts and concrete foundation repair contractors work together to determine what issues you have and how to best approach a permanent solution to your foundation problems. If you suspect a problem with your foundation or if you received a home foundation inspection recommending you contact a foundation repair contractor, contact Heavenly Foundations today.

Foundation Cracks Found in Historic Old Northeast – St. Petersburg

Keeping historic old houses in good shape is what we love, and our clients know it!  We were called out to this job in Historic Old Northeast to rebuild the wall.  The exterior wall was leaning and showing signs of movement – as you can see from the staircase cracks.  The interior wall was 1.5″ out of plumb and will need to be rebuilt.

foundation cracks

foundation cracks up wall