Listing Footers in Your Foundation

Perhaps you’ve come across the term “listing footers” in your pre-home inspection of a home you’re considering purchasing or your termite company noted it on their inspection, what does it mean? A rarely used definition of “to list” is to lean to one side. If listing footer is a term you see in any sort of home inspection, contact Heavenly Foundations, your local foundation repair company.

Listing Footers

The term listing originates in nautical terminology when imbalanced cargo caused the ship to lean to one side. Some other similar meaning words that may be used by an inspector are leaning, keeling, tilting, tipping, heeling, or pitching. If you see any of these terms in a pre-home buying inspection from a general inspector, be sure to get an estimate from a foundation repair company before finalizing your purchase.

Foundation Repair Inspections are Different

If a general inspection reveals the listing footer, you’ll want to have a professional determine why the footer is leaning. Just fixing the footer won’t fix the cause of the problem. When the cause remains, there is the chance the footer will lean again. Foundation repair companies like Heavenly Foundations understand the cause of footer damage and can assess the whole problem and make proper repairs.

Often times the cause of the listing footer is remodeling. The stress on the foundation changes when a wall above is removed or moved. To compensate for the change the footer may lean. Another cause is heavy furniture above the area. If the foundation repair company determines that the cause is something that will no longer be in the home, a repair may suffice. However, when the heavy piece of furniture turns out to be a newly remodeled kitchen with granite countertops and expansive cabinetry, you will likely need repair and footers added to support the weight.

Listing Foundations

Foundation Inspection and Repair

Anytime you are making major changes to a home that has pier and beam or post and beam construction, you should get a foundation inspection. Making changes in the foundation prior to remodeling greatly reduces the stress on the rest of the home. If the remodeling company you’re working with doesn’t have a structural engineer or contractor on staff, have them call Heavenly Foundations for a pre-inspection so your changes can be included in the entire remodeling project budget. If you’ve been told you have an issue, contact us directly at (727) 228-6144.