Foundation Pier Repair

Your foundation is one of the most important structural pieces of your home and if it’s not sound, the rest of your home suffers in a variety of ways from windows and doors that won’t close to sloped floors to cracks in your walls. If you have an older home that is not on a concrete slab, it was most likely built using a pier and beam foundation system, the piers are the columns supporting your home and the beams are supported by it and hold up your floor. In many cases, the piers are made out of masonry or brick, the beams are typical wood. Most newer homes in our area are built on a concrete slab foundation which doesn’t deteriorate like wood.

piers replaced

Foundation Pier Repair to Pier and Beam Foundations:

First an assessment is made of the existing piers and each one in need of repair is marked. The area beneath the existing structure is checked for soundness, and, if necessary, a new pad or footing will be poured. Next, new piers are placed under the existing beams to increase support to the flooring above. New piers can be concrete.

Foundation Pier Repair to Concrete Slab Foundations:

We begin by excavating an area below your foundation issue. Once the concrete foundation can be seen, support brackets are installed, and then reinforced steel piers are driven into the ground and connected to hydraulics raising your foundation to level. Lastly, the support brackets are permanently attached to the pier and any dirt removed is replaced.

pier foundation repair

foundation pier repair needed:

If you have been told that your home is need of pier foundation repair, or if you suspect you have a foundation problem, contact Heavenly Foundations today. Our team of experts can help with your home’s structural issues anywhere in the tri-county area call us at 727-228-6144.