Foundation Repair & Structural Repair in Florida

Have you recently purchased a historical home that has seen better days? Are you thinking of repairing it but are not sure of where to begin? The very definition of a historical home states that aside from historical significance, the home is at an advanced age and thus has a medium to high level of structural damage. Over the years, historical homes accumulate a wide range of damage, including rotted wood, mold, water or fire damage, termite damage, and/or unstable beams, joists and girders. The cause of the foundational instability is generally traced to footing that was inferior from the start, particularly in homes built between 1880 and 1930.

Foundation Repair of Historical Homes

foundation repair in historical homeAt Heavenly Foundations, we specialize in the foundation and structural repairs of historical homes. One of our top priorities is preservation! We will provide significant improvements to the home’s structural integrity while preventing the loss of its historical importance. Upon the initial consultation and all the necessary on-site visits to assess the state of the damage, our structural contractors will promptly begin the repairs. These steps are part of our comprehensive strategy specifically designed to cater to your individual needs and wishes as the owner of the home. If you live anywhere in or near the Clearwater, FL, area and are looking for the structural repair of your historical home, contact us at Heavenly Foundations for a consultation.

The Results

After all the foundation repairs are complete, your home will look as good as new and yet it is guaranteed to retain its air of antiquity. Your historical home is now ready for a full-scale remodel!

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