Wood Pallet Foundation

Well, just about everything! This home could be the scariest thing happening this Halloween!

Don’t get us wrong, stilt homes are great. Especially when they are built by a reputable contractor who understands the importance of sturdy foundations! So, take a closer look at this picture.

  • This home is on the harbor coast of Maine. Stability and sturdiness is a MUST!
  • The home was apparently not originally built as a stilt home and has been elevated using scaffolding. Is the home stable enough to be elevated?

These are valid points, with the most important question being – would you want to live there? Would you feel secure and able to sleep at night? Maybe yes, or maybe no!

We love stilt homes and have dealt with all kinds of issues that stilt homes can have. Check out one of our earlier blogs about the different types of damage that stilt homes can experience. And we’re very familiar with the different types of stilts (pilings). Such as:

  • Wood pilings are extremely popular and have been used for centuries. They’re light in weight; resistant to acidic and alkaline soils; and a renewal resource. And they last a long time.
  • Concrete. Concrete pilings are strong and don’t corrode like steel or rot like wood. Concrete is readily available and because it has to be “cast,” it can be molded into any shape or size.
  • Steel. Steel isn’t as common in home foundations as concrete or wood as steel’s main use is in large commercial projects such as bridges. However, it can be used and it’s very strong, durable and lasts a very long time especially if treated with an anti-corrosion material.

Granted, when looking at this photo, we’re not seeing the final result, or what the plans are for the final foundation.  Our company blogger actually found it while vacationing in Maine this fall.  You have to admit that the entire project looks a bit precarious and unless the purpose of the house is to be used as a Halloween Horror House, it just doesn’t look stable or safe!

The moral of this story is simple: If you are planning on have a stilt home built, or hoisting your current home skyward, do your homework! Consult a foundation specialist and only use a contractor experienced in stilt homes and leave the pallets to the stores.