Bungalow Foundation Repair

Types of Bungalow Foundations for Your Tampa Home
bungalow foundation repair

Our Experiences: Bungalow Foundation Repair

With Tampa weather always being humid and wet year-round, it makes sense to know about the proper foundations on which to build your bungalow. Home foundations are one of two types: pier and beam foundations or concrete slab foundations. Home owners should be knowledgable on these two types of foundations and should examine estimated costs in order to determine which foundation type is best for you. With these foundations, and with Florida’s lands fluctuating and changing as often as they do, it is also best to look into bungalow foundation repair, whether or not you already have problems with yours or if you would like your foundation looked at and reviewed.

Pier and Beam Foundations

A pier and beam foundation, also called a pier foundation, consists of wooden posts or concrete piers set in the ground to hold up the weight of a home. This is the cheapest form of home foundation and not stable when it comes to Tampa weather and climate. Usually, these foundations experience issues from things such as plumbing leaks, water erosion (all Tampa homes are highly susceptible to this), soil shakeups, and other wet climate issues that can cause the wooden posts to rot and wither. Since homes can slant and form cracks in the walls as well, bungalow foundation repair with these foundations is necessary in the Tampa area, as it is certain that you will face issues with eroding ground and foundations.

Concrete Slab Foundations

Concrete slab foundations are formed using concrete and reinforced rods in order to lay a home’s foundation flat against the ground. Slabs on the edge of the foundation are poured thicker in order to form an integral footing. While there are different types of concrete slab foundations, typically the slab-on-grade foundation described above is the method most used for slab foundations in Florida. While this form of foundation is stronger than the pier and beam foundation, it also has its problems. Usually this stems from moisture and pressure shifts, which causes cracks in the concrete. Fluctuating temperatures can also cause the foundation to shift and crack. Bungalow foundation repair is pertinent in the case of cracks in your slab foundation, and it is important to hire a structural contractor/engineer to properly examine and fix your home foundations.

What Costs Are Associated With My Bungalow Foundation Repair?

If you’re a homeowner in Tampa experiencing trouble with your home’s foundation, be sure to contact an engineer to repair those problems immediately. However, if you are a prospective homebuyer looking into which types of foundations to lay for your home, consult with a structural engineer in order to plan and choose the best foundation. Typically, foundation costs range within the mid thousands. These prices vary based on location and time to get to the home site, but you may ask the experts at Heavenly Foundations for a quote based on your specific concerns.

Bungalow foundation repair is especially important in the Tampa area where the climate can make for unexpected damages. It is best to speak to a structural engineer to address your foundation and plan accordingly. You may contact us here, or call directly at (727) 228-6144.


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