homeowner during renovation

As a building owner (residential or commercial), you know how important it is to keep your tenants happy. You do your best to keep everything running smoothly. After all, you want your tenants to be long-term. In most cases, it’s not that hard to stay on top of things and get repairs done quickly without too much interference. All is good. Then you are suddenly faced with a major issue like repairing the building’s foundation. How you handle this repair will make all the difference in tenant attitudes!

Bottom line is that you want your tenants to remain happy during the foundation repair. How will you do this? First and foremost, hire the “right” contractor for the job. You want a professional team with a proven track record. Don’t take a chance on an unknown contractor with little or no experience. You may save some money up front, but you’ll end up spending more if you have to hire another contractor to “fix” the mistakes made by the first one. Or worse yet, you may lose tenants because of the added disruption.

Once you’re hired your professional contractor, follow these steps:

Stay on top of everything.
Ask questions – the right questions. By being completely informed, you’ll be able to answer any questions or concerns your tenants may have. Find out:
• How long the repairs will be taking
• What level of intrusion should the tenants expect
• The details of the repair
• Can the tenants (residential or business) go about their daily routines or will they have to leave

Be completely honest and upfront.
If the news is less than favorable, don’t be evasive. Your tenants have the right to know how the repair is going to affect them. They will be appreciative of your honesty.

Be responsive and listen to your tenants’ concerns.
Pay attention to their concerns and act on them quickly. You’re the link between your tenants and the contractor and you need to take the responsibility of staying informed seriously.

Be visible.
Check in with the contractor regularly. Update the tenants as new information or timelines arise. If your tenants see that you are making every effort to stay on top of the repair, they’ll be less likely to complain.

Communication is the key to a smooth repair that will keep your tenants happy!