sloping house

Is your foundation uneven? Not sure? An uneven foundation can lead to serious issues down the road. In Florida, ground settling is a common occurrence. It may be the result of standing water during our rainy or hurricane season, or even the result of the beginning of a sinkhole. Sloping floors are the easiest telltale sign of a foundation problem.

Take a few minutes to walk around your home or building and think about the following four common warning signs of a sinking foundation:

  • Interior floors are sloping
  • Gaps appearing between the floor and the walls
  • Cracks showing up in the foundation walls
  • Exterior wall separations occurring

Are any of these happening in your structure? If you answered “yes” to any of them, you may have a foundation problem. And if you answered “yes” to sloping interior floors, you will want to have a professional check out your foundation sooner rather than later. Sloping or sagging floors will tend to either sag towards the center of the building or slope in one direction. Sloping floors will lead to other issues such as doors and windows sticking and becoming hard to open and close. Cracks in the walls are another sure sign of sloping floors due to an uneven foundation.

Still not sure if you have a foundation issue or not? It’s time to contact a foundation specialist. Don’t rely on a general contractor for inspections of this kind. Professional foundation inspectors are experienced in both the causes of and solutions to foundation issues. They will perform a complete inspection and then provide you with a detailed report that includes the extent of the damage and a plan to fix the problem. It’s important to catch foundation issues as soon as possible. As is always the case, the longer you wait, the damage increases and the cost to fix it rises.

For more causes of an uneven foundation, check out our blog articles on the causes of a sinking foundation.

We know that hearing your foundation is uneven can cause alarm. That’s why you want an experienced foundation team to inspect and perform repairs. Remember, we’ve seen and done it all. Put your mind at ease. Call us!