Foundation flooded by hurricane

We live in Florida, so the possibility of hurricanes hitting our state is something we live with. Have you noticed that the past few hurricane seasons have been more active and unpredictable? Remember 2020? It was a record year for hurricanes, and it can easily happen again. Yes, it’s true. And the proof of this just occurred. Hurricane Agatha formed and entered Mexico in late May – before the hurricane season officially opened.

Florida is number 1 on the top 10 list of states affected by hurricanes. In fact, we’ve had more hurricanes than any other state since the Saffir/Simpson scale was created in 1851. Statistics show that nearly 50% of the hurricanes that have occurred since tracking began, have hit Florida. Regardless of what is causing more frequent and stronger hurricanes, the advice remains the same – be prepared.

You know the routine of what to stock up on, like water, batteries, etc. (Be sure to check the NOAA site for other great tips.) Have you thought about your home’s foundation and what impact a hurricane could have on it? Don’t overlook this important fact – foundations ARE affected by hurricanes.

Your Home’s Exterior. It’s paramount that you protect the structure (and thus the security) of your home. For instance, your crawl space is a magnet for high humidity and water damage, all of which lead to mold, ultimately causing health issues. You will want to prepare by doing the following:

  • Making sure there are no signs of cracking
  • Using sandbags to divert water from entering your crawl space
  • Directing your drain spouts away from your foundation

The above tips are great advice. However, the best preparation you can do is to have a professional inspect your foundation now. Why? Because that’s our job! We know exactly what to look for while inspecting your foundation. And better yet, if we find something, there’s time to have it fixed before hurricane season really kicks in. Your home is undoubtedly your biggest financial investment – protect it!

Call us today to set up an inspection of your foundation. Don’t be complacent – there’s a good chance 2022 will be an active hurricane season. Instead, be diligent…add checking your foundation to your list of preparations. You’ll be glad you did!


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