foundation pro at work

Your home or building is possibly the biggest financial investment you’ll ever make. It makes perfect sense to strive to maintain the value of that investment. At the base of that investment is your foundation. Think of it this way. Your foundation plays the same role as your own feet. Your feet support your entire body and create a stable platform enabling you to stand. Building foundations do the same thing. And at the first sign of trouble with your feet, you would consult a podiatrist, right? Look at your foundation repair contractor the same way.

It’s highly recommended to contact a foundation specialist as soon as you see any signs of trouble with your foundation. Check out our October blog about foundation problem signs. If you see any of those signs, it’s time to have your foundation repaired. The longer you put off the repairs, the more money it will cost you. And worse yet, if the problems are left unchecked for too long, repair may be out of the question. At that point your only alternative would be to replace the foundation. That’s a big expensive job that you want to avoid!

Some benefits of repairing your foundation include:

Appraisal. Foundation issues decrease your home’s value. The appraised value will be lower than similar homes without problems or ones that have had the problems fixed.

Cosmetic. Repairing the foundation halts any additional unsightly internal damage such as cracks in interior walls, doors and windows that don’t open and close properly, etc. Once your foundation has been repaired, you can address the internal cosmetic issues knowing that they won’t reappear.

The yard. Often foundation problems are the result of yard issues. Soil erosion and uneven earth lead to poor drainage which in turn damages your foundation. Creating better drainage to eliminate standing water will keep your foundation in good shape and you’ll have the added bonus of a great looking yard!

Selling your home. Trying to sell a home with foundation issues can be difficult. You are obligated to disclose that your foundation has issues and that you are not going to fix them. Be prepared to reduce the sale price.

Peace of mind. Once your foundation has been repaired, you will be given a guarantee that the problem(s) has been fixed and won’t reoccur for the foreseeable future.

Let’s face it – foundations are constructed of concrete and concrete will crack. The good news is that we, as foundation repair contractors, know how to fix it! We’ve seen every type of foundation issue and have the experience to know how to solve the issue permanently! We recommend that you never try to repair your foundation yourself. This type of work can be dangerous, and expertise is needed to know how best to fix the issues. Leave the job to us!

The bottom line is that repairing your foundation will stabilize your entire structure. You’ll spend less time and money on costly ongoing repairs and reap the benefits of having a comfortable safe home that retains its value!