Why Remodel

One of the questions many homeowners ask us is “DO I REMODEL NOW”? There are many reasons to consider remodeling your home now. 20 years ago people remodeled purely for the appreciation and return they would get on their investment. 10 years ago there was a shift and people started remodeling their home to improve their family’s lifestyle and enjoyment of their home. Today your decision to remodel might be a combination of both.

Remodeling as an investment… you have some choices as to investments. Given the choice between the stock market and your home, even in our current market, I would suggest that your home is a very safe investment over the long term.

Updated and maintained homes sell and appreciate better…If a home sale is in your future, consider this. Buyers appreciate a home that has been renovated and maintained. Giving them confidence there won’t be a lot of work if they purchase it. And if you are not selling, you will be protecting your asset and will spend less time on the “honey do list” and more time enjoying it!

Good remodeling deals are out there. The best remodeling contractors are available without the long waiting time of the past. Invest in your renovations and maintenance now and you get a real tangible item you can enjoy as soon as it’s completed. Enjoying our homes is a large part of our SWFL lifestyle.

As you move forward with your remodeling plans be sure to work with a licensed and insured professional. Remodeling is a team sport. It takes you and a professional remodeling firm that can guide you through the maze of home improvement decisions that make up your beautiful living space.

Happy Remodeling!