stem wall major shift

You’ve heard the phrase “If I had a nickel every time I was asked that.” Well, we’ve all been asked the same questions multiple time by our clients. In our profession, the question is “How bad is the crack?” LOL. You may say your home is 100 years old and should have some cracks, and you’re partially correct.

Yes, older homes will have cracks. It’s how many and how extended they are that make the difference between it being a minor repair and a major one.

Check out another beautiful home on Granada in South Tampa. This one needs a new stem wall foundation. It looks pretty drastic, but the truth is that it can repaired very cost effectively. What exactly is a stem wall? It’s a supporting wall that acts as the piece that joins the foundation slab with the walls surrounding the base. Normally the stem wall is made of concrete and steel. Its main purpose is to create stability.

Older neighborhoods, such as the ones in South Tampa, will find that time has taken a toll on the houses. These houses are beautiful and need to be repaired and preserved. We can’t stress enough how important it is to only contract licensed professionals to do the repairs. Take the less expensive road with un-licensed repair teams and over time you’ll end up spending double or even triple that if you had it done the correct way the first time.

So, in answer to your question about how bad your crack is? Have a professional inspect it, make their suggestions and then if you follow their proposal, your beautiful home will last another hundred years!