Damage occurs to foundation piers in many ways. When it does happen, it is vitally important that you work with a professional foundation repair company to get it fixed before foundation pier damage spreads to your walls and doorframes, and impacts the structure of your home. All too often homeowners don’t include foundation inspections as part of regular maintenance and they discover that their foundation has an issue after doors stop closing properly or cracks develop in the walls.

foundation pier damage


How Foundation Piers become Damaged

There are five primary ways that your foundation can become damaged:

  1. Age – Older homes have wood foundation piers and over time with exposure to moisture, they simply wear out. Even a home with concrete or brick and mortar foundation piers do not escape age related deterioration. Florida’s salt water and air impact all types of foundation piers.
  2. Termites – Termites can cause a great deal of damage. Make sure your pest control company treats and inspects your crawl space regularly.
  3. Rodents – These pests find a way into your crawl space and dig. When they dig next to a foundation pier, they remove part of what is stabilizing your foundation causing damage.
  4. Heavy Furniture – Older homes were not built to handle the weight of granite countertops, built in cabinetry filled with computers, sound systems, and TV’s or the furniture of today. We simply have more stuff than the home’s structure can support.
  5. Remodeling – When you remove walls in your home, the weight of the home shifts. The shifting weight puts added stress on some foundation piers and that added stress can cause damage and hasten deterioration.

What Can Be Done?

There are remedies, no matter how old the home or the type of foundation piers with which the home was originally built. The first step is to contact a foundation repair company like Heavenly Foundations Inc. Very few professionals have the experience or knowledge to inspect and repair foundation issues like a foundation repair company. Once the inspection determines the extent of the damage, repair work can begin. Repairs vary based on the existing piers and beam issues. Rarely are new pier supports added in the same location as the old ones were but more likely in the same area. Some homes that have been remodeled will require additional supports be added. When this recommendation is made, it is to prevent further damage and to increase the structural stability of your home.

If you suspect damage in your foundation, to the piers, beams, or both, contact Heavenly Foundations Inc at 727-228-6144 for your inspection and estimate.