realtor foundation inspection

Even though the real estate market is still in a favorable position for sellers, it makes perfect sense to have all of your “ducks in a row” to get the best price possible. That means including a foundation inspection report. Yes, you can list a property for sale “as is” without this important document, but why would you when you know that a foundation inspection will work to your advantage for a timely sale as well as a lucrative one! Potential buyers will be much more interested knowing that the home has been inspected.

Home inspections remain an important evaluation. For buyers, it’s important information to protect their investment. For sellers, it’s valuable in that it will identify any potential problems with the foundation. If any issues are discovered, the seller then has the option of fixing the problem to increase the value of the home or disclosing the issue to the purchaser.

What exactly is a foundation inspection? The main purpose is to determine how structurally sound the home is. A foundation inspection should be performed by a licensed structural inspector as opposed to a general home inspector as he will have the specialized experience to thoroughly evaluate the foundation and supply a comprehensive report of the results of the inspection.

There are many valid reasons to have your home’s foundation inspected. Realtors know that a major reason is to preserve the value of the home – especially with historical homes. After all, a home is a major investment and there may come a day when one wants to upsize and put it on the market. Picture this scenario – a client approaches you saying they are planning on selling their home and upsizing to another home. You’ll want to explain the importance of foundation inspections and only show homes that have the inspection report. Same goes for the home they are hoping to sell. It will sell faster and for a higher price if it has an inspection report. Another factor to consider is mortgage requirements. Depending on the amount of the loan and the age of the home, the lender may require a foundation inspection report.

Realtors should have a good working relationship with a foundation inspection company and can advise clients who to contact for an inspection. Heavenly Foundation is a full-service company – from inspection to competed repairs. No need to deal with multiple contractors! We value the relationship we have with area realtors and our licensed inspectors perform comprehensive inspections followed by a detailed report complete with suggestions if repairs are needed.


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