creepy crawl space

Does this look familiar? Is this a scene from a horror movie? Or is it the crawlspace under a home?

Here’s the big reveal, it’s the crawlspace under a home. A home that could be yours. As professional foundation inspectors we run into all types of scenarios, including spider-infested crawl spaces like the one seen above. Should you be concerned about this if it was your home? In a word, yes! Crawl spaces are an alternative to having a slab foundation or basement and are an important part of your home. Because they are fairly “open,” they provide easy access to wiring, plumbing, and ducts which make it convenient for repairs and other maintenance tasks.

In addition, crawl spaces are beneficial as they keep the house off of the ground which protects it from flooding. The downside is that crawl spaces tend to be damp and make a great home for all sorts of critters, including spiders. Spiders love dark damp places and once moved in, can multiply quickly, overtaking much of the crawl space wreaking havoc. Any insulation in the area can be easily destroyed and worse yet, the bugs can follow the ducts and pipes right into your home. In short, it won’t get any better left unchecked, it will only get worse.

Another side effect of an infested crawl space is the air quality in your home. Damp, musty, mildewy air from your crawl space will work its way up into the home. Not good!

Is there anything you can do yourself to combat this? Absolutely. First, keep the edges of your crawl space clear of plants and debris. Insects love to live in plants and debris and once there will quickly discover a new home in the crawl space. Next, eliminate as much moisture as you can. Spiders (and most bugs) can’t regulate their own body moisture, so they tend to inhabit damp places. Your crawl space can look like a 5-star hotel to them. One way to fight the excess moisture is to be sure your gutters are pointed away from the foundation and that you have no leaks in the plumbing in the crawl space.

Your best bet is to contact us for help. Our specialized technicians will inspect your crawl space and will offer solutions to any infestation issues they discover. We’ve seen every type of crawl space and know how to quickly remedy any and all situations!