Home Remodeling

Clearwater FL’s leading kitchen & bathroom remodeling company!

Are you getting tired of that old tile in your bathroom? Do you wish to build that dream kitchen you have always wanted?

home remodelAt Heavenly Foundations, we understand that your bathroom and kitchen are two of the most important rooms in your home, as they are the key to keeping your day running smoothly. In fact, your entire home should ensure your maximum comfort and safety as well as reflect your personality.

As the leading home improvement company in the area, we have designed a home remodeling strategy to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction. From concept to completion, the project will be done quickly and efficiently, while following your specifications precisely. Whether it is a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, or entire house remodel, we believe that anything can be done with the right planning, equipment, and team of professionals.

What we do

Like a new construction project, a home remodel begins with a consultation regarding your specific needs and visions for the completed project. What follows is one or more inspections throughout the design process to determine a realistic budget, as we do everything in our power to prevent surprise costs. Our primary goal is to make you – as a homeowner and our customer – happy!

Did you know that aside from the aesthetic factors, remodeling your home can significantly decrease your home insurance premiums? For example, installing sturdy windows and doors with reliable locking systems contributes to burglary prevention, thus decreasing insurance rates.

If you live in the Clearwater, FL area and are thinking of remodeling your home, contact Heavenly Foundations today!