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When a home is considered historical, it generally fulfills the following three criteria: significant age, a medium to high degree of foundational damage, and historical importance.

If you live anywhere in or around the Clearwater area and you own such a home, we are here to assist you with any and all of your foundation repair needs. At Heavenly Foundations, we specialize in the structural repair of historical homes, as well full home remodelling.

Our skilled and experienced structural contractor will develop a project timeline based on your individual needs, from the initial planning stage to the placing of the final brick. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, and that is why the project will be completed in a timely and efficient manner, with extreme precision and attention to detail.

structural repair

Structural Repair

  • Water damage to Framing
  • Pier and Beam Falling or leaning
  • Termite and pest damage
historical homes

Historical Homes Remodeling

  • Renovate your existing home or office
  • Add that dream kitchen
  • Decrease your insurance with Windows and Doors
  • Tired of that old tile in the bathroom?

Whether you need a remodeling estimate or need foundation repair of an existing home – historical or otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact us at (727) 228-6144 or through our online contact form.

Because establishing a strong and honest relationship with our customers is so important to us, we have provided our company’s privacy notice, which we encourage you to read prior to contacting us. As of November 2014, we have been officially accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) with an average score of A+.

We welcome all homeowners in or near the Clearwater area to request our services and judge for yourselves!

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Jacking Up House

Jacking Up House

READ THIS Before You Try to Fix Your Sagging Floors Yourself! Sagging or sloping floors can be a real problem if not taken care of and fixed in a timely manner. Both weather and time can have an impact on soil stability. After all, your house is heavy and if the weight isn’t distributed evenly, or if the soils shifts, problems can arise and the house will need to be levelled. If this happens to you, READ THIS before you watch a DYI show and decide to fix it yourself! We run into a lot of owner-installed “house jacks” during our inspections. It’s important to know that these “house jacks” are illegal under Florida building code. Unfortunately, they’re being sold at local big Box home improvement centers and people are buying them hoping to save a few dollars. Recently, I grabbed one off the shelf. I wanted to see what was advertised on the box and to read the fine print. I wasn’t surprised to find the little lettering on one box warning “Consult with a licensed engineer before using“. There’s a reason they’re suggesting you consult with a professional… it’s extremely difficult (sometimes nearly impossible) to successfully jack up your house by yourself. Frankly, we’re surprised that anyone would even want to attempt jacking up a house by themself! There’s a long laundry list of things that could go wrong. After all, houses aren’t just one large stable box. They’re made up of a lot of components and it is extremely easy for portions of the house to lose stability when being jacked up. Here are some of the house jacks we... read more
Foundation Pier Damage – How Does it Happen and What Can Be Done?

Foundation Pier Damage – How Does it Happen and What Can Be Done?

Damage occurs to foundation piers in many ways. When it does happen, it is vitally important that you work with a professional foundation repair company to get it fixed before foundation pier damage spreads to your walls and doorframes, and impacts the structure of your home. All too often homeowners don’t include foundation inspections as part of regular maintenance and they discover that their foundation has an issue after doors stop closing properly or cracks develop in the walls.   How Foundation Piers become Damaged There are five primary ways that your foundation can become damaged: Age – Older homes have wood foundation piers and over time with exposure to moisture, they simply wear out. Even a home with concrete or brick and mortar foundation piers do not escape age related deterioration. Florida’s salt water and air impact all types of foundation piers. Termites – Termites can cause a great deal of damage. Make sure your pest control company treats and inspects your crawl space regularly. Rodents – These pests find a way into your crawl space and dig. When they dig next to a foundation pier, they remove part of what is stabilizing your foundation causing damage. Heavy Furniture – Older homes were not built to handle the weight of granite countertops, built in cabinetry filled with computers, sound systems, and TV’s or the furniture of today. We simply have more stuff than the home’s structure can support. Remodeling – When you remove walls in your home, the weight of the home shifts. The shifting weight puts added stress on some foundation piers and that added stress can... read more
4 Exterior Signs of Structural Damage

4 Exterior Signs of Structural Damage

4 Exterior signs of Structural Damage to the Foundation of Florida Homes If your house has structural problems, you will be able to spot some of the signs. Outside, you may notice that the foundation is cracked or crumbling in places. Or, you suddenly realize that an outside wall of your house or the part of the foundation that is above the ground is slightly tilting. The worst thing you can do in these situations is wait. It is best to call a professional structural contractor right away to assess the foundation before things potentially get worse. We are very conscious of the unique structural issues experienced by Florida homeowners. Here are a few as well as structural damage problems that affect all homeowners. 1. Leaning Foundation Walls cause Exterior Cracks Homes in Florida are primed for settling. This is because of the types of soil in the area, the limestone deep underground, the frequent rains and fluctuations in the water table. As the ground swells or shrinks depending on how much moisture is in the soil, the ground under and around a house’s foundation can shift. One of the results of this type of shifting is that a foundation wall may start to lean. When a foundation wall leans, the cinderblocks are now resting on an uneven surface. Cracks start to develop. Water seeps in and the foundation becomes less stable. 2. Moisture and Pressure Shifts cause Cracks too Settling cracks are common in homes. In frame homes, they form as the house’s framing expands and contracts from weather, moisture and pressure shifts. This kind of movement happens all... read more